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R-454B refrigerant is flammable? Is it safe?

They say the new refrigerate for residential Air conditioning systems and new heat pumps is flammable! Is this true? Well yes and no. It is technically flammable but only slightly, it needs the perfect conditions to be lit on fire and at that it needs a constant steady ignition source for it to stay lit. All that being said though, we as an industry are always about health and safety first, that is why ICP products (ie. carrier, air quest, heil, etc.) all have installed flammable gas sensors on any indoor air coil, as well as all their programed boards have shut down safety mechanisms in them that shut the system down in the event of any refrigerant leaks being detected. They however do run the fan to remove and disperse the vapors. This is what ICP has done to help us as company's insure your safety as our customers. I am not at this time sure of what other brands are doing if anything, I am sure they are doing something just not sure what yet.

Why are we switching to a new refrigerant?

We are switching because we have to, and because we want to. The first and foremost reason is the environment. R-454B has the lowest global warming potential with the best outlook for Longterm sustainability. Which means a couple of things, it is better for the environment, and it is less likely we will have to transition to a new refrigerant any time soon. The second reason we are switching is of the most benefit to you the consumer it is significantly more efficient than those refrigerants on the market today, which translates to more savings in utility bills for you the consumer.

Do I have to Change my existing system that is not that old and in good shape?

Thankfully the answer is no. You will be able to use your existing system for the full intended service life that it has. They are still going to be manufacturing equipment for older refrigerants for use in the maintenance and fixing of them. However if a major piece of equipment goes bad or it is just time to upgrade to a new system due to age and condition of your existing system then you will have to have R-454B as your refrigerant.

Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg to get these new systems?

Fortunately, again the answer is no!!! On average we are seeing either no increase in price or in some cases as much as a 10% increase those being worst case scenarios. The refrigerant itself R-454B is on average costing the consumer somewhere between $50-$75 per pound. As compared to 410-A at $125-$175 per pound and R-22 at $250-as much as $400 a pound.

We here at Home are ready to serve you today with your existing system, and we are positioned to help you tomorrow and beyond with your new system when the time comes. As always remember our commitment to you is Quality Craftmanship meeting Good Old Fashioned Customer Service. We believe in honesty and integrity above all else.

Remember Just call Home!

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